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Here are photos of my collection. This page contains thumbnail images that you can click on to see the larger version. Use the arrows on the top of the page to see the next or previous photo or return back to this thumbnail page.

am tel & tel aqua toll

am tel & tel green dual

am tel & tel green toll

am tel & tel light green toll

armstrong ts clear toll

b aqua beehive

b green beehive

b green signal

brookfield 00 aqua with green swirls toll

brookfield 01 green pony

brookfield 01 green toll

brookfield 7 light aqua pony

brookfield 8 aqua pony

brookfield 81 aqua pony

brookfield aqua barrel

brookfield aqua pony

brookfield aqua signal

brookfield sdp aqua pony

cable green

can-pac rr co lime green beehive

dominion 42  rdp light straw

h g co aqua beehive

h g co petticoat aqua beehive

h g co petticoat sdp aqua signal

h g co dual skirt sdp petticoat aqua signal

h g co standard sdp aqua signal

hemingray 1 sdp aqua

hemingray 8 - 40 clear toll

hemingray 9 sdp aqua pony

hemingray 10 clear toll

hemingray 10 rdp aqua toll

hemingray 12 rdp blue pony

hemingray 12 sdp aqua pony

hemingray 16 rdp blue toll

hemingray 16 rdp green toll

hemingray 16 sdp aqua toll

hemingray 16 sdp blue toll

hemingray 19 rdp blue signal

hemingray 20 rdp light aqua signal

hemingray 20 sdp blue signal

hemingray 21 sdp aqua beehive

hemingray 21 sdp blue beehive

hemingray 40 sdp aqua

hemingray 42 rdp aqua

hemingray 42 rdp blue

hemingray 42 rdp clear

hemingray 43 rdp aqua saddle

hemingray 45 clear

hemingray 48 blue

hemingray 56 clear

hemingray 60 rdp clear cable

hemingray 60 sdp aqua cable

hemingray aqua beehive

hemingray sdp aqua toll

hemingray spiral wire wrap aqua beehive

lynchburg 31 sdp gray green barrel

lynchburg 38 green signal

maydwell 20 rdp milk glass signal

mclaughlin 16 rdp light green toll

mclaughlin 19 rdp light green signal

mclaughlin 62 rdp green cable

postal aqua beehive

postal green beehive

postal aqua saddle

pyrex mee clear toll

sf green pony

star aqua barrel

star aqua green barrel

star aqua beehive

star aqua pony

star aqua signal

unnamed aqua lightening rod spool

unnamed aqua toll

unnamed swirl start aqua signal

w g m dark purple toll

whitehall - tatum 1 clear

whitehall - tatum 1 light aqua

whitehall - tatum 1 light aqua with wt logo

whitehall - tatum 1 light purple

whitehall - tatum 1 purple

whitehall - tatum 1 straw

whitehall - tatum 10 clear saddle

whitehall - tatum 27 light aqua toll

whitehall - tatum 40 clear toll

whitehall - tatum 44 light aqua toll

withcomb pleated skirt aqua toll

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